by tanabe on March 06, 2005

EclipseCon2005でTim O'Reillyがスピーチをしている。

Open Source Business Model Design Patterns
Tim O'Reilly

Open source isn't just about a set of software licenses, or even about a new style of distributed software development. It is a reflection of a world where the network is the platform, and where as a result, commodity software implements standardized protocols, and business advantage is driven by data lock in and network effects enabled by an "architecture of participation." The new paradigm changes all the rules of business. This talk will explore business model design patterns for the internet and open source era.

Grand Peninsula ABCD 8:00 - 9:00Tuesday, Mar. 1st

スピーチの内容は聴けないが、資料がここからダウンロードできるので、必見。Open Source Paradigm Shiftをベースにさらに展開されていっているのが窺える内容。EMERGING TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCEの方ではもっと濃い話が出るんだろうか?