Russell Milesのアスペクト指向プログラミング論

by tanabe on January 29, 2005

Russell Milesのアスペクト指向プログラミング論Amazon Web Services Blogに出ている。


  • What is AIDS and why is it important?
  • Key features of AIDS
  • Advanced features of AspectJ
  • Types and scales of Aspect
  • Refactoring for AO
  • AO Challenges
  • Where is AspectJ and AO going?


Let's start with software concerns. A concern is a goal, concept, or area of interest (Laddad). A system is made up of a collection of concerns.A concern is a collection of behavior and data. There are two types of concerns, core and cross-cutting. The aarchitect's dilemma is to take into account future change while not creating an overdesigned system. Be sure to developer something, don't sit around and think too much.

What's wrong with object orientation? Some concerns don't work within current OO approaches. Problematic concerns cross-cut an application. Lack of modularization of cross-cutting results in code tangling, code scattering, and duplication. AO tries to manage and solve this problem.